Tracking strategies

Tracking strategies

Standard tracking option

In the standard tracking mode, horizontal louvers track at right angles to the sunray projection. Vertical louvers rotate with the sun azimuth and are positioned perpendicular to the HSA.

If the facade in question is not exposed to sunlight or if there is no direct radiation, the louvers open at most to maximize daylight supply. This also ensures passive solar inputs in winter.

Extended tracking options

Depending on the louver material used, corrections to the standard tracking may be necessary.

  • Prismatic louvers require high-precision tracking. They only block out direct light in a very small angular range
  • Photovoltaic systems react to partial shading with high yield losses. Tracking correction ensures complete solar cell irradiation
  • Tracking according to the cut-off angle method improve transparency and daylight quality.
  • Movement patterns can also be implemented for any type of shutters. Depending on the shutter design and the requirement profile of the user, individual automation profiles result for motor-driven and controlled systems
  • Consideration of external shading from e.g. neighbouring buildings. If external shading occurs, the louvers will open to such a degree to gain maximum of daylight

The modular control design ensures that the same control concept can be used economically for both small and large systems. Even the most complex and largest facades with different zoning and alignments can be controlled in a user-friendly way.

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