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Elconeq - Your specialist for control and regulation of object-specific sun protection systems for highly efficient building envelopes

Automated facades have become an integral part of modern building technology. Glazing portions of up to 90% and lightweight construction allow interiors to react to sun and temperature without delay. Even in winter, buildings now tend to overheat.

We address this problem with innovative, user-friendly control concepts that optimally manage light, air, heat and energy already in the building envelope. With over 20 years of experience in this field, you, as user or planner, benefit from our experience.

The spectrum includes

  • Large louver technology made of aluminium, glass, wood, prisms or photovoltaics
  • Horizontal or vertical louvers
  • Folding sliding shutters
  • Vertically moveable shutters

The modular hardware structure serves smallest plants as well as office and large industrial complexes. Robust system technology, ease of operation, reliability and durability, to name just a few of the system features, characterize our concepts.

We control and regulate everything that turns and pushes - but why?

The sun is not a static element for us building users. It not only changes its position during the course of the day, but also the proportions of light and heat supply differ. Seasonal changes must also be taken into account. Cooling requirements in summer, heating in winter, with significant shifts depending on latitude and taking local climates into account.

Especially modern commercial buildings, such as office and administration buildings, buildings for schools, teaching and research facilities, hospitals, hotels, museums, etc., coupled with large proportions of window area, require building management to ensure

  • Air change
  • Sun protection
  • Glare protection
  • Daylight supply
  • passive solar entries in winter
  • thermal and visual comfort for the room user a high degree of complex control strategies.

Your added value:

  • Optimization of energy flows
  • Creation of cosiness and comfort
  • More security & safety

You have questions or already a concrete project? Please contact us. We will be happy to support you.

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