The concept essentially consists of

  • The control panel with a touch display
  • The weather station for recording the current environmental conditions
  • A project-dependent number of distributors containing the motor controllers

The heart of the system is a microprocessor-based control unit that permanently calculates the exact position of the sun for any given location. Given facade orientation and fixed geometric variables of the sun protection system lead to control variables such as vertical and horizontal shading angle. The concept is based on time evaluation and, in conjunction with the corresponding motors, leads to highly precise tracking characteristics. And all this without the need for complex feedback sensors.

The weather station supplies the controller with the local weather conditions. Thus, decisions on the slat position are made for each facade section. For example, the actual value of the irradiation (light) in conjunction with the freely programmable setpoint decides

  • Louvers in tracking mode or
  • Louvers in defined position, e.g. maximum opening

Adjustable step widths, threshold ranges and time delays avoid too frequent switching of the motors and enable optimum tuning even after commissioning.

Depending on customer requirements, defined night positions and calendar functions can be started or activated.

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